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Celebrities cards from those of the past and the present

Art Unlimited has been publishing celebrity cards for many years because artistic pictures of famous people have been out there from the moment this opportunity was available. For many years now, even Anne Frank already had become part of the celebrity cards on the wall. From the first celebrity card, up until today's football graphics, there's a lot in between that is worthwhile exploring. It is not only about the celebrity itself, but also about the zeitgeist, which is the period they represent. The colors and styles are also important; they can say a lot! 

The images are simpler than today's, but this can actually make them more attractive. The color combination or even the black & white style creates special effects. That is why at Art Unlimited we have also turned these images into postcards, portraits, and landscapes. An image can tell so much, and this is why these are also worthwhile.

Famous people cards

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