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Extreme types cards: the most diverse people can be found at Art Unlimited

Looking for extreme types cards? You know, people who look different from the usual, which makes them unique. Sometimes they consciously choose to stand out, but there are also people who are born like this, or who simply want to show their own identity. You can imitate someone, but you can also present yourself as a frame of yourself. Another option is to draw attention to a theme, or simply to ask for the acceptance of everyone, no matter how they give out themselves.

These can be real people, but also characters. Like the duo from the 80s, many adults still remember them: Theo and Thea. With those bizarre teeth, their bizarre behavior, it makes them completely "corny". There is one card from this duo as a birthday card, in which they have party hats on. Then there is a Christmas card, with a crown of light around their heads. Both Erwin Olaf and van den Beginne have made funny cards from this duo, which are very suitable for all different kinds of occasions.

Extreme types cards

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