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Frequently Asked Questions

Art Unlimited greatly appciates that you visit this webshop. Although the information and products that are displayed largely speak for themselves, we know from experience that it can still happen that you have a question about something.

On this page you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions. The advantage of this page is that in this way we can serve the widest possible audience for an optimal user experience.

This page is divided into 2 target groups. Each target group has a separate section on this page that contains the most frequently asked questions and – hopefully – their answers.

Is your question not mentioned in the list below? Then you can contact us at any time. We are happy to help you. It is possible to contact us by telephone and e-mail. Your question can be of added value to other visitors. Do not hesitate to ask us your question. The questions and answers on this page are regularly revised and expanded.

Individuals / consumers

1. Do I first need to create an account before I can place an order?

It is not necessary. You can then immediately add your products to the shopping cart and complete the order. It is possible to place an order within a few minutes.

2. What is the delivery time?

We strive to send the cards within 2 working days. However, due to (seasonal) crowds it may take longer and in that case we will inform you

3. What kind of images are available in the collection?

Art Unlimited selects images based on artistic value. You will find the best that art has produced here. The collection is very varied, both old and modern art is psent in large numbers. You can already get a good impssion of the subjects in the collection via the navigation menu.

4. Do you also ship abroad?

It is possible to ship the order to any country anywhere in the world. The shipping costs are automatically calculated during the ordering process.

5. What kind of packaging material is used?

That depends on the type of items you order. The type of material that is used is sturdy paper and cardboard. In addition, certain products are packed extra well by means of bubble wrap and plastic wrap.

6. When I place an order, is the shipment insured?

You can assume that all orders will be shipped insured. No extra costs are charged for the insurance itself.

7. What quality can I expect from Art Unlimited?

Art Unlimited strives for the highest possible quality in selecting and creating end products. If you have a question or a complaint about something. Please let us know. We always look for a suitable solution together with you. Your opinion is important to be able to continue to offer the maximum quality in the future.


1. I would like to sell Art Unlimited products in my shop, what do I have to do?

In that case you can contact us by telephone or e-mail. Include your company details.

2. Can I also order material through you to optimally psent the products in the store?

Art Unlimited works together with various parties for the best product psentation.

3. Is it possible to have the product range maintained by you in the store?

That's certainly possible. In this way, our service employees ensure that the products are in stock and that the most efficient product mix is ​​put together.

4. As a retailer, do I get access to all Art Unlimited products?

In principle always.

5. Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order for retailers. The retailer may order as often as he / she sees fit. Abuse is recognized.

6. Can I order any quantity per product?

The retailer may order any quantity per product. There is no minimum for this either, because the retailer is invited to offer as diverse a range as possible to his regular customers with as little stock risk as possible.

7. What should I do for free delivery?

All deliveries are free, including the smallest orders. Abuse is recognized.

8. How quickly are orders executed?

Please take into account a maximum lead time of 5 working days. This time is shorter on public holidays. This is the time it takes before shipment, so take into account the time taken by the carrier - this is almost always Postnl.

9. Can I also place orders per customer?

The retailer can pass on any order from private individuals and it will be executed with the same lead time as any other order.

10. What is the discount on Art Unlimited's products?

Obviously, you will not find that information at the moment. You will have to log in first. You can rely on a workable margin without hidden obstacles.

11. What is the payment term for orders or do I always have to pay in advance?

Once authorized resellers will always have to order on account until further notice, so those customers are not allowed to pay in advance. Prepayments pose various accounting problems.

12. Can I have the tickets I ordered with my own barcode?

This is possible, but there are costs involved that can be calculated in consultation.